Youth Group

 The Middle School and High School Youth Groups both meet together on Sunday afternoons from 3-5pm. Together we have lesson, games and sometimes will have outings in the Mattoon area. During this time it is important for kids to know and understand that this is a safe place that brings us together in Christ. Knowing this helps us with our faith going forward to being amazing Christians not only for ourselves but for our community.


The Middle School students have completed six activity mats for theresidents of Life’s Journey Senior Living – formerly Gowin Parc. These mats are useful for helping to calm the residents when
they become restless.
Students making the mats were Mia & Vince Dinaso, Cadance McDaniel, Abby Carter, Emmy Barr, Emma Plunkett, Jimissy McIntyre & Chaselyn Himes.
The students were assisted in making the mats by Alice Jeisy, Gayla McDaniel, Susan Montgomery, Julia Robinson, Carol Ann Parker & Elsie Carter.
This was a mission project for the young people.




YOUTH LOCK-IN - The middle school having a great time.




 The Youth took a trip to Camp Carew.
Great day - great fun - incredible fellowship. 








 Youth having fun serving special meals.